• What is Browzar?

    Browzar is an IE shell browser that allows you to surf the internet with privacy. It doesn’t save any cache, history, cookies or use auto-complete, it protects your privacy while you are online.

    What is Browzar Search?

    The Browzar start page contains a search box that allows you to search the internet but you are under no obligation to use our search engine and are free to go directly to the search engine of your choice.

    Our search engine has been developed with our search engine partner and we are constantly looking to add enhancements based on your feedback.

    Why would I use Browzar?

    Sometimes we need to view websites or search privately, especially if you share a computer. Browzar does not save any cache, history, cookies or use auto-complete and gives us the freedom to surf and search the internet in private simply, and with no fuss.

    Who is Browzar aimed at?

    Browzar is aimed at anyone who wants a very simple and quick way to surf the Web with personal privacy, on their own computer or a computer that others may share. Browzar has been designed to appeal to vast majority of computer users who are non technical and who don't know how to clear cookies, auto-complete or web history and those of us that know how but forget.

    What is so different about Browzar?

    Currently there is no way of privately surfing the internet that is as simple to use as Browzar. All standard internet browsers by default store information about what websites have been viewed and what you have searched for. Browzar does not do any of this. It does not store any history, cache or cookies and does not use auto-complete. This means that people sharing a computer with others can enjoy the freedom to surf in private.

    Does Browzar take long to download?

    No, Browzar is a very small file, designed to be downloaded quickly whenever you need it, or stored on a memory stick for instant use.

    Do I use Browzar instead of my current internet browser?

    Not necessarily. Sometimes it can be useful for our computers’ to remember what sites we have viewed. It can be useful to scroll back through sites that we have previously visited and have a reference to where we have been online. Browzar is designed to be run at those times when we want privacy. The fact that it is so quick and simple to run means that it is easy to use whenever we want.

    What is Browzar useful for?

    Browzar is useful for surfing the internet privately. There are a multitude of reasons why we may want to view internet content without leaving visible footprints on your computer, here are just a few examples of why you might use Browzar:

    • You’re at a friend’s house and you want to check your email, download Browzar in seconds and protect your privacy.
    • You have one family computer at home that everyone shares, download Browzar in seconds and protect your privacy.
    • You are on holiday and you need to check your email from an internet café, download Browzar in seconds and protect your privacy.

    What other features does Browzar have?

    Browzar is designed to be simple, quick and easy to use. Click to view Key Features.

    Will Browzar run on Apple Macintosh computers?

    Not yet, but we plan to release a Mac version soon so watch this space!

    Will Browzar run under Linux?

    Not yet, but watch this space!

    Does Browzar make money from Browzar Search?

    Yes. Although Browzar is free to anyone, our revenue to run Browzar comes from sponsored search results provided through our partnerships with leading search engines.

    Does Browzar contain or download advertising ware, Spyware or other malware?

    No. Browzar does not install anything to your computer, automatically pop-up advertising or modify settings on your computer. In fact the privacy features of Browzar, such as not saving settings, cookies or browser plug-ins reduce the chances of malware being introduced to your computer as you browse.

    Is there advertising on Browzar Search?

    In common with all other search engines there are sponsored web links included in Browzar Search results pages.

    Does Browzar store cookies? If so, why?

    Browzar only ever stores cookies temporarily, automatically deleting them when you close the programme. For many sites, such as internet banking or shopping sites, it is necessary to store cookies to keep you logged into the site or hold shopping cart contents while you perform your transactions.

    If you visit a site using Browzar where a cookie for that site already existed on the computer prior to you using Browzar – the cookie will be ignored.

    What happens if Browzar crashes whilst I’m using it?

    Each time you run Browzar it places a simple text file on your computer which contains a date and time stamp of the precise moment your Browzar session began. Normally this file is deleted automatically when you close Browzar, but in the event of a crash this file remains on the computer. All you need to do is run Browzar again immediately after the crash and Browzar will clean up anything left over from the crash by checking the time and date stamp and removing everything after that that point. When you close Browzar the file is deleted. No information about websites you have visited during any Browzar session is ever stored in this file.

    How much of an issue is privacy on the internet?

    In today’s big brother society it is easy to feel like our every move is recorded. Privacy is a hotly debated issue with the internet being somewhere that our actions leave trail that we often aren’t even aware of. The advent of consumer tools such as Browzar gives individuals the option to enjoy the freedom to surf the internet while keeping their personal details personal.

    How can Browzar help protect my identity?

    By deleting cookies, history, the cache and all auto complete information entered on forms Browzar ensures that you do not leave personal information on the computer you browse the web from. However you still need to take sensible, common sense precautions online, such as ensuring that you only enter personal details on sites where you are confident of their privacy policy and never entering financial or confidential data when the site is not secure. You can tell if you are entering data on a secure site by looking for a yellow padlock in the bottom right hand corner of the Browzar window. If the padlock is not shown, the form is not secure and you should think carefully before submitting any information.

    Does Browzar leave any traces on my computer?

    Browzar does not change your system and if you run it straight from the link in your regular browser, is not saved in your download folders or desktop. This means that for every day use Browzar does not leave traces. However there may be a copy of the Browzar programme in the temporary files area of your regular browser so it may be possible for someone to tell that your have downloaded Browzar but not what you have used it for.

    Does Browzar make me invisible on the internet?

    It is not possible to be completely invisible and still access web pages on the internet, if you were invisible, i.e. did not send a minimum of information such as an IP address, the information you want could not be returned to your computer for download and viewing.

    Will Browzar change settings on the computers?

    Browzar makes no permanent changes to the registry or other settings on the computer. The bookmarks and other settings in your regular web browser are not altered. If you visit a site using Browzar where a cookie for that site already existed on the computer prior to you using Browzar – the cookie will not be deleted.

    What about index.dat?

    Index.dat is a hidden Windows system file that under standard and normal use cannot be seen or read. Anyone wanting to read the file has to have relatively sophisticated technical knowledge of computers to do so. Browzar leaves no trace - in any index.dat file - of the websites you visit including media video/audio).

    Can I use Browzar as my main method of surfing the web?

    Of course. Browzar will not save history, cache or cookies on your computer and does not use auto-complete giving you the freedom to surf in private.

    Can I set my own home page?

    You can change the home page in Browzar by selecting 'Home Page' from the 'Tools' menu and then choosing from either 'Blank page', or 'Custom Homepage' where you can add your own.

    How do I use Browzar?

    If Browzar is saved on your computer or to a memory stick simply open Browzar as you would your normal internet browser (such as Internet Explorer) and surf in privacy. If you did not save a copy of Browzar, just go to www.browzar.com and get another copy – it only takes seconds to download.

    How do I uninstall Browzar?

    Simply delete the icon and the program will be removed from your computer, it's that simple.

    How do banking websites work with Browzar?

    You can use Browzar to securely do your electronic banking just like you can with any other browser.

    Can I use Browzar if I have firewalls installed on my computer?

    Browzar will work through firewalls just like any other browser.

    Will Browzar stop me getting pop-ups on my screen?

    Browzar has a built in pop-up blocker which you can turn on and off.

    How does Browzar work with parental control software that blocks certain sites?

    Browzar works with parental control software in the same way as any other internet browser. It does not override any parental controls that deny children access to sites that their parents do not want them to view.

    Do I have to use Browzar Search?

    We would of course like you to use Browzar Search, it is what pays Browzar's development costs, but if you have your own preferred search engine you can simply type its website address into Browzar’s address bar. You always have the complete freedom to surf and search where you want to with Browzar.

    What are the system requirements for Browzar?

    The minimum requirements for Browzar are: Windows 98 Second Edition (SE): and Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5.

    My company does not allow us to install software, will Browzar work?

    You do not have to install Browzar to use it, you can just run it directly from the link on our website or save it to a disk or memory stick and run it form there. Some systems will still restrict you from running software not placed on the machine by your IT department; in this case it may not be possible for Browzar to run.

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