• When returning from work one day I was greeted with an icy welcome and the rather tricky question "did you find any dirty college sluts then?"

    One day I tried to install a computer game on my friend’s computer. He went to the toilet and I quickly checked out his Internet history (just because I'm so curious and nosy). I noticed some adult dating sites but didn't click on them. When he came back I confronted him in a teasing way. He didn't know what I was talking about so I showed him his Internet history and clicked on one of the sites. Apparently auto-fill was on because all the login info was already filled in. It was then that we both came to a shocking discovery after logging in... It was not my friend, but his MOM! visiting adult sites!

    Just been on my parents computer....type in A and auto complete comes up with “Ann summers sex toys”.

    Last year, my sister was using my (single) Dad's computer and tried searching her name (which begins with "V"). Good old auto complete came up with "Viagra", turns out that my dad has been buying Viagra.

    Someone (I know not who) has used the guest account on my computer to search for "Genital Warts". Now I think about it, I don't really want to know who it was.

    “I was using my dad's computer, since my own wasn't connected to the web at the time, so i was going to check my mail. I started typing "g" for "gmail.com", but in auto complete was girlsdorm.com (I think). Now, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to look to see what it was... and yes, it's what I thought it to be.”

    “A good friend of mine recently found out his girlfriend was pregnant when auto-complete came up with ‘symptoms of pregnancy’.”

    “I must have been about 14 and was using my Mum’s work computer. For some reason I decided to check what was in her web history. It was mostly benign stuff until the middle where she had: divorce.com, divorce.net, Ask Jeeves, advice about divorce. Yes, I found out that my parents were going to get divorced before my Dad did.”

    “I just tried auto-complete on my wife’s computer and got: Hitler, Nazi marching, air raid, blitzkrieg, infantry German, Nazi rally, Wehmacht infantry, Wehrmach rally... If she wasn’t a history teacher I’d be quite worried.”

    “Auto-completed my husband's ex-girlfriend's website in my computer.”

    “I used to think that the only single girl in the office was hot until auto-complete told me that her most frequent search was ‘stretch marks’.”

    “My search engine’s recent searches contained ‘Atomic Kitten Album’. Now, that’s just embarrassing!”

    Imagine my joy when I got home to find that my parents had decided to get their very first computer, so I gleefully settle down to check my email before bed... and am struck horrified by the porn sites that pop up in the auto complete.

    Not me but a friend... Was testing his parents' computer and Google auto complete came up with '4 in a bed' which definitely went someway toward suggesting a reason for the recent purchase of the webcam and the frequent nights away to other couples' houses...

    Cable man arrives and does his thing. He thinks the problem is fixed, so he asks the boyfriend if it's okay to check the computer to make sure. Boyfriend says okay. The cable guy opens up an IE window to be greeted by the image of naked guys. He's the shyest and most retiring guy ever, and he turned 40 shades of red. All he can think to say to the repair man is "It's my girlfriend's computer!" and I bet the cable guy was thinking, "Yes, I bet it is, mate."

    One night when I came back from work, I browsed to hotmail.com and his session was still active, leaving his email up on the screen (always remember to sign out kids!) complete with subject lines such as "thank you for your credit card payment"... aye aye thinks I, so I clicked - well, it turns out this bloke (who's well into his 40s) has a fetish for the "Adult Baby Scene"...

    Staying at my uncle's house I always make sure to turn off auto-complete, my uncle however was not so clever, so typing in address became quite entertaining. typing in "www.d" added "isciplinedomestique.fr"...

    I noticed that every time I walked into one of the director's office he swiftly clicking off whatever he was looking at on the web. Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and when I knew he was out I sneaked in to have a look at his internet history, which unsurprisingly was chock full of pictures of naked ladies.

    I have been repairing computers for several years and sometimes have lots of fun looking through peoples search results. We have found everything including peoples own amateur porn sites.

    My friend gets a new computer and decides to give his girlfriend his old one. He makes sure to delete all the old "naughty-bits" from there, but forgets to turn off auto-complete. They both use the same webmail portal, so when she decides to go check her email for the first time, HIS info is already there in the login box, along with his auto-completed password. Now, he's faithful, but that doesn't stop him from chatting up a bird or two (or ten) now and then. Curiosity getting the better of her, she goes in and spends the next two days going over his In- and Outbox, correlating emails from women to a timeline of their relationship, plotting graphs, charts, etc. She then invites him over to her place for what I imagine was the WORST Powerpoint presentation of his life. Needless to say, she became his Ex-girlfriend.

    One time, I got to fix up one of my friend’s computer. Everyone in the family (kids, wife and my friend) was beside me to see how I will proceed to fix the computer. I found out it was full of spyware and viruses so the thing was mostly unusable. I asked my friend if he was browsing on porn sites because those sites contain lots of spyware and viruses. He told me no never, and the only thing he did with the computer was to listen music. So I tell him I should cleanup manually the Internet Explorer temporary files and History folders to avoid further problems. I was surprised to find naked ladies pictures and adult site cookies in the folders. I give a look to my friend who was now being watched by his angry wife.

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