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    • No registration
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    • Doesn't save Cookies, History, Temp files, Passwords, Cache
    • Secure delete
    • Great for Banking and Cloud applications
    • Automatically cleans up when you've finished
    • Carry it with you on a USB stick
    • Great for shared computers
    • Use it on a friend's PC, Internet Cafe, Work PC, on Holiday

    Plus - only takes seconds to download. Only 222k!

    "Just been on my parents computer...typed in 'A' and auto complete comes up with 'Ann Summers sex toys'."

    "I just tried auto-complete on my wife's computer and got: Hitler, Nazi marching, air raid, blitzkrieg, infantry German, Nazi rally, Wehmacht infantry, Wehrmach rally... If she wasn't a history teacher I'd be quite worried."

    "A good friend of mine recently found out his girlfriend was pregnant when auto-complete came up with 'symptoms of pregnancy'."

    "Imagine my joy when i got home to find that my parents had decided to get their very first computer, so I gleefully settle down to check my email before bed...and am struck horrified by the porn sites that pop up in the auto complete."